What to Expect


What to Bring

  • Change of clothes if you choose. Solid colors are best.
  • Personal props to make your photos mean more to you- especially great with the little ones or for Seniors that want to capture what their High School experience was about.
  • An activity such as reading a favorite book, playing cards, tossing a frisbee… if that is something you love to do, bring it to your session and we can capture that.
  • If there is a special person that makes your child happy or can get them to smile more easily or just helps them feel more relaxed – don’t hesitate to ask them to come along.

What to Wear

  • Try to have similar colors and not too many different patterns.  Choose colors that go with the season. Pick 3-4 different colors and coordinate with your group.  We don’t want everyone wearing the same thing (although that can be cute with twins or siblings sometimes)
  • Solids are always a safe bet if you are unsure.
  • Try to avoid greens that would blend with the background in outdoor sessions.

Color Suggestions

Browns, tans, gray, orange, and reds are great examples for Fall.

Different shades of the same color also go well together.

Autumn Colors
Christmas Family

Blues are good in any season.

You can even add a complimenting color to go with it.


Red and white are great for Christmas! Gold and off white, or silver/gray are also good choices.  Add a little red as accent colors is cute as well!

Christmas 2015
Christmas Girl

Pinks, yellow, white, purple, teal are good color choices for Spring and Summer.

Family Portraits

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