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How would you describe your style?

 My style is a mixture of traditional and modern.  However, I listen to the needs of what you want and provide you with the result you are going for.  I may just add a couple extra creative images in the mix if you ask for traditional.  You never know, you may just like the way they turn out!

 What is your top priority when covering an event or photo shoot?

 Our top priority is you.  We want to exceed your expectations for your commercial, personal and event needs.  We don’t get in the way at your events, rather capture the day as it happens and take the formal photos in an organized fashion.  We spend time planning for the event/photo shoot so things run smoothly and we capture everything you want and more.

How many events to you schedule in a day?

I limit myself to one wedding a day.  That day is all about you.  You will get my full attention.  I will show up a little early to make sure I am ready to go by the designated start time and available to stay longer if you decide that you want additional coverage!

Who is our photographer?

When you book with Krista Silz Photography, you will get Krista as your primary photographer.  Jeremy is also a lead photographer for some events.  I have a short list of 2nd shooters that are professional photographers I use for weddings and other events.  I choose which one to hire based on the personality and experience for each type of event.  They all have a great experience with weddings and will do a fantastic job.

Pamela is our lead photographer for MLS listings.  Krista will shoot as well from time to time.

Branding and commercial photography is usually done by Krista with help from Jeremy when needed.

Portrait sessions are usually shot by Krista, Pamela or Jeremy.

How far in advance should we book you? 

For weddings and events most clients book 8-10 months out. I only take a limited number per year so that guarantees their date.   It doesn’t hurt to contact me if it’s shorter notice.  I will do my best to accommodate you.

Most couples book us right after they have booked their ceremony and reception venues chosen.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

Usually two, however sometimes a couple requests that Krista be the only photographer. That is mostly for my intimate package.

How many photographers will be at my corporate event or portrait session?

Almost all portrait sessions, Krista will the the sole photographer.  I do bring an assistant most the time with their is harsh son and limited shade ot help with the lighting situations.

Corporate events, it all depends on the project and need.  Packages are completely customizable and your needs will determine the amount of photographers.

 Are you flexible with your wedding photography collections?

Yes! If you have specific requests, or want to personalize one of our collections, let us know! We’re happy to work with you to create the exact collection that will best suite your needs for your wedding day.

You can add products and services at 15% off when adding to your package at time of booking.

 Have you been to my venue before?

We have been to several venues for weddings, and if we haven’t been to your venue before, don’t let that concern you! Krista will visit the venue before hand if possible for inspiration for your portraits.

She has an extensive background in Fine Art, portrait  and Wedding Photography and enjoys finding creative new spaces for your portraits that you can proudly display on your walls!

Do you have mileage restrictions?

Not as long as all your location(s) are within the Greater Cincinnati area.  If your wedding is outside of this area a small travel fee may apply.

Do I need to provide a meal for Krista Silz and her 2nd photographer?

We really appreciate that you do provide a meal for us.  The meal you provide can be a “vendor meal”, ask your caterer about discounted meals for your vendors.  We prefer to eat when you do so that we are ready for the events that take place during and after dinner.  If we are not provided with a meal we may need to leave your reception and this could result in missed photography opportunities.

Do I get a wedding album?

You can substitute your USB for an album or add it to your package!  Albums are incredibly important to us.  Your wedding album is the  keepsake that you pass down from generation to generation.  After all, your digital files could be obsolete or lost by the time your great-grandchildren come along!

Who picks the images for my album?

You do!  I will provide you with a custom design at your reveal session if you have an album in your package.  This gives you a great template and tells the story with the best images of your day.  You will have time to look it over with all of your images and determine if you would like any images swapped out before the order is processed.

Is an engagement session included in my wedding package?

I highly recommend an engagement session.  It helps you to get comfortable in front of the camera and we learn together what poses work best for you.  It’s like the trial run for your big day.

I understand that many people have friends that are in their wedding that take their engagement photos for them or you just may not want the session for what ever reason.  No problem.  That why I don’t automatically include it in your package.  You can always add that at a discount.  Or even trade a 2 hours of coverage for an engagement session with a $200 print credit!

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